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Best Tow Rope Reviews 2022: What is better towing rope or towing strap?

A tow rope is a near on essential item as you never know when it might come in handy, or when you might come across a friend who needs pulling out of a ditch. Whether you will be traveling on treacherous roads or use off-road vehicles such as snowmobiles and water skis a tow rope can get you out of all sorts of trouble. In this article, we take a look at some of the uses of tow ropes and what you need to look out for before purchasing one yourself.
Best Tow Rope

Our Top Picks

Best tow rope for 4×4: GearAmerica’s best tow rope for a truck with 45,000LBs strength

For tow ropes suitable for large trucks, 4 by 4s, and heavy ATVs, this super-strength rope with triple reinforced loops is the ideal option without costing a fortune.

Best kinetic tow rope: DitchPig’s kinetic energy vehicle recovery double nylon braided rope

For a tow rope at the top of the range using nylon and kinetic energy rope offering greater stress protection to your towed and towing vehicles, this kinetic towing rope stands high above the rest.

Best snowmobile tow rope: Steadymate’s Snowmobile Tow Strap

For a tow rope designed for snowmobiles and other off-road vehicles, this tow rope provides the power and strength to pull your snowmobile out of a tough spot whilst protecting your paint and chrome.

Best water ski tow rope: Airhead’s best tow rope for jet skis with 3 sections, radius Handle

For a rope that makes tow roping fun, this extreme watersports tow rope is great for everything from water-skiing to wakeboarding and tubing.

Best gloves for tow rope watersports: O’Brien’s Pro Skin Watersport Gloves

For a comfortable, and durable glove ideal for extreme water sports, these gloves are made to last and will protect your hands from rope burns and blisters.

Top SalesProduct LinkPrice
KEEPER Original Version 36 Inch x 2 Inch 04228 36" x 2" Premium Axle Strap with D-Ring"from $6.48
TGL 3 inch 8 Foot Tree Saver Winch Strap Tow Strap 30 000 Pound Capacityfrom $14.99
Everest Premium Ratchet Tie Down - 1 PK - 2 IN - 27 FT - 3333 LBS Working Load - 10000 LBS Break Strength - Double J Hook - Cargo Straps Perfect for Moving Appliances Lawn Equipment and Motorcyclesfrom $12.48
TGL 3 inch 20 Foot Tow Strap 30 000 Pound Capacity with Reusable Storage Strapfrom $23.99
TGL 2 inch 20 Foot Tow Strap with Reinforced Loops 10 000 Pound Capacityfrom $13.49
Keeper 04629 25' x 2" Ratchet Tie-Down with J-Hooks 4 Pack"from $53.68
Grip 30 ft x 4 in Heavy Duty Tow Strapfrom $22.08
RHINO USA COMBO Recovery Tow Strap (30ft) & Shackle Hitch Receiver - Lab Tested 31 518lb Break Strength - Heavy Duty Storage Bag Included - Triple Reinforced Loop End to Ensure Peace of Mindfrom $139.97
USWAY GEAR 3" x 30ft Recovery Tow Strap - 30.000 LBS (15 US TON) Rated Capacity Heavy Duty Tow Strap with Triple Reinforced Loops + Protective Sleeves + Free Storage Bag | Emergency Towing Rope"from $69.95
Trekassy 2 Pack 10' x 2" Lift Sling Straps 10 000 Pound Capacity"from $29.99
2 Grade 70 3/8" x 20' Transport Chains with Grab Hooks On Ends"from $89.99
ARB ARB705LB Orange 30' x 2 3/8" Snatch Strap Recovery"from $61.75
XSTRAP 2PK 8FT Lift Sling Web Strap/Wear Guard Endfrom $8.29
Bubba Rope 176680RDG 7/8" x 30' Breaking Strength Original Rope with Standard Red Eye - 28600 lbs. Capacity"from $199.99
Super-Handy Heavy-Duty 4 000 LB Capacity Rope Hoistfrom $19.99
AIRHEAD 4 Rider Tube Ropefrom $25.75
Presa 2-in x 20-ft Heavy Duty 10 000 lb Tow Strap with Hooksfrom $13.81
AIRHEAD Heavy Duty Tow Harness 12ftfrom $16.49
Driver Recovery 2" x 20' Heavy Duty Tow Strap with Safety Hooks - 10 000 Pound Pulling Power for Emergency Recovery Winch Towing"from $15.49
Keeper 10 Foot x 1 Inch 02606 10' x 1" Lift Sling 1 Ply"from $9.86
AIRHEAD Watersports Rope EVA Handle 1 Sectionfrom $23.00
Premium Crane Towing Strap 10feet x 2inch Durable 3400Dtex - Heavy Duty Web Sling - Corrosion Resistance Polyester Industrial Flat Eye-Eye Ropesfrom $13.99
AIRHEAD 2 Rider Tube Rope 2 Sect Floatfrom $17.99
2 Tie-Down Ratchet Straps J Hooks 2 Heavy Duty 2" x 27' Tie-Down Ratcheting Cargo Truck Straps Wire Hook Ends J-Hook Ratchet Strap TieDowns"from $33.88
Titan Auto Heavy Duty Recovery Strap | for Off-Road Recovery and Towing (3.5" x 30' 35K LBS Orange & Black)"from $45.99
Airhead Wakesurf Rope 25'from $19.02
Keeper 02942 30' x 4" Recovery Strap"from $21.02
Keeper 04650 27' x 2" Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie-Down with Chain End and Grab Hook"from $38.82
Smittybilt CC408 4" x 8' Tree Strap - 40 000 lbs. Rating"from $30.68
BILLET4X4 U.S. Made MIL-Grade Kinetic Energy Snatch Rope - 1 inch X 30 ftfrom $134.99

What is the best tow rope?

The best tow rope for you will largely depend on what you are going to use it for. However, a heavy duty tow rope is a strong contender for whatever load you have to throw at it. A heavy duty tow rope can be used as a ski tow rope, tractor tow rope, and even a boat tow rope, however, it is always best to get advice from the experts to see which type of tow rope would work best with your chosen vehicle and how it should be used safely.

What are tow straps made of?

Tow straps are usually made from polyester, polypropylene or a material known as Dacron. These are all materials that do not have a large stretching capacity

Top 5 Best Tow Rope Reviews

The world of tow ropes is pretty flooded so we’ve narrowed our top five tow related products for you to have a peruse of to help narrow down your choices.

#1 Best tow rope for 4×4: GearAmerica’s best tow rope for truck with 45,000LBs strength

If you are looking for the best tow rope for your truck, 4X4, or the best tow rope for ATVs, then you don’t need to look past this super-strength rope. Designed to withstand force up to 45,000Lbs, this tow rope is strong enough to tow or recover your vehicle if it gets into a tricky situation. This tow rope is also so strong that it can be used as a winch extension or tree saving strap. For power and strength at an affordable price, this 30 foot tow rope really can’t be beaten.
Other pros of this great tow rope for trucks are that: the loops are as strong as the rope itself, vital in any tow rope as these are the points where the strongest force is exerted; the loop ends are protected with a sleeve that also protects against wear and tears as well as weather damage; it comes with a lifetime warranty, and; it comes with a well-designed storage bag that can hold everything you need including hooks, shackles, and gloves. The only minor downside of this tow rope is that it is made from polyester rather than nylon.
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#2 Best kinetic tow rope: DitchPig’s kinetic energy vehicle recovery double nylon braided rope

If you are after a top of the range towing rope, then you need to look into kinetic ropes for towing vehicles. Kinetic ropes are far more elasticated than traditional ropes that focus purely on strength without considering the impact of exerting force on your vehicle. This impressive kinetic rope is able to recover your vehicle much more gently due to its high elasticity. For a tow rope that causes less stress on your vehicle components when used for towing and recovery, this tow rope stands out from the rest.
Other good things about this kinetic tow rope are that: this rope slingshots vehicles out form their position, helping to protect them from unwanted towing stress; it is 30% more elastic but also 45% stronger than typical towing ropes using a winch line; it comes in a range of strengths from 1/2-inch thick which can be used for ATVs and snowmobiles, through to 2-inches which can cope with transport trucks, and; the way it is designed means smaller vehicles can rescue larger ones.
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#3 Best snowmobile tow rope: Steadymate’s Snowmobile Tow Strap

If you are looking for the best tow recovery rope for snowmobiles or other off-road machines such as ATVs, then this tow rope deserves your attention. DOT compliant, this tow rope is also road-ready ensuring you get versatility out of this tow rope. The soft loops have been specially designed so as to protect your machine’s paintwork, vital on any vehicle heading out into tough weather conditions but something often over-looked on other tow ropes focused on strength.
Other benefits about this tow rope for snowmobiles are that: it is strong enough to get your snowmobile out of tough spots and get it safely home; it is easy to attach using a D inch ring that helps keeps towing and towed vehicles safe; it is lightweight but durably designed and will last you for years, and; it is a full 15-feet long when stretched out which is plenty of space to tow vehicles safely (the best length for tow rope is between 1.5 and 4.5 meters). The downside of this tow rope is that it is not suitable for larger vehicles or trucks.
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#4 Best water ski tow rope: Airhead’s best tow rope for jet skis with 3 sections, radius Handle

Tow ropes don’t simply have to be practical and are perhaps the most fun when used to pull humans along on some of our favorite extreme sports adventures. This versatile extreme sports tow rope is great whether you are in the market for the best tow rope for kneeboarding, the best tow rope for tubing, or the best wakeboard tow rope. This versatile rope for waterskiing and other watersports makes getting a tow rope that little bit more exciting!
Other good things about this tow rope used for water skiing are that: it has a comfortable single handled grip designed to allow you to use it for longer without getting tired or blisters; it is suitable for use at 45, 60, and 75-feet lengths, making it ideal for different levels and different watersports; it has built-in crossover yoke designed to protect areas exposed to high levels of wear and tear, and; it is a great price. The downside of this rope is that it won’t last for years and years.
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#5 Best gloves for tow rope watersports: O’Brien’s Pro Skin Watersport Gloves

If you do opt for the more adventurous tow rope, then you’ll need to invest in some decent gloves. When wakeboarding, water-skiing, snowboarding or doing any other extreme sport that brings you into contact with a tow rope, you’ll need decent gloves. Being towed always involves moments of slippage and intense friction which causes gloves to wear quickly unless they are made from a strong material. These gloves are designed for watersports and anything where you might need to hang on to a tow rope.
Other things to like about these watersport tow rope gloves are that: they are designed to support and protect your hands and fingers, ensuring you get tired less quickly, suffer fatigue less, and can enjoy more time out on the tow rope; they have leather panels that help prevent rapid wear and tear; the size can be adjusted once on for a perfectly snug fit, and; they are built to last. The downside of these gloves is that they are not warm, so are not great for winter sports.
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Buying Guide: What to look out for when purchasing the best tow rope

The tow rope is available in different shapes and sizes. It depends on what type of rope you need for your application. Due to numerous choices, buyers often get confused and end up purchasing the wrong item. However, if you consider some important factors while buying the rope, you’ll be able to choose the best tow cable that perfectly suits your requirements.

#1 Type and Material

Generally, there are two types of tow ropes:

#1 No-stretch

This type of rope is made from a material called spectra. The no-stretch tow rope is extremely strong and durable. This type of tow ropes have no elasticity and won’t stretch at all. The no-stretch tow rope is ideal for water-sport like wakeboarding. Some vehicle tow rope is also made of spectra. Spectra rope has extremely low moisture absorption quality, making it ideal for water and snow. These ropes are 10 times stronger than steel and super-lightweight.

#2 Low-stretch

The low-stretch tow rope is usually made from nylon, polyester or polyethylene. This type of ropes has an elasticity of 2 to 3 percent and is beneficial for novice recreational riders. Also, for towing boats and automobiles the low-stretch rope works well as the rope helps to absorb shock while towing.
This type of rope is also waterproof. Again, when the three materials are compared, nylon has higher break strength, while polyethylene is constructed from naturally occurring UV resistant materials, and offers better durability.

#2 Length

Length is not of much concern if you are buying a vehicle towing rope. However, if you need a tow rope for recreational activities like tubing or wakeboarding, you must choose the right length. For example, if you are a beginner, the length of rope for wakeboarding must be around 65 ft and also for tubing, it should be minimum 50 ft, and must not exceed 65 ft. For other water-sports, the length of the rope varies.

#3 Capacity

When you are buying a vehicle tow rope or recreational tow rope, the capacity of the rope is a must consider factor. The capacity of the recovery strap is also called the breaking capacity, which is measured in pounds. You must first know the weight of your vehicle or boat for which you’ll be using the tow rope and pick a strap that has more capacity than that.
In case you are purchasing a wakeboarding or tubing rope, you must choose the rope with a certain capacity according to the liable number of riders. It’s no use picking a rope that has a capacity of 2 or 3 riders if only an individual is going to use it, as that will only make it heavier for the user.

#4 Coating

These days most of the tow rope is designed to waterproof so that they won’t absorb water when used in wet areas. Much high-quality tow rope is also weather-resistant and UV-proof so that they last longer and won’t easily rot.
While some ropes are already made of top grade materials that are naturally featured with these qualities, you can also find many tow ropes that are specially coated with some UV resistant adhesive. This coating not only enhances the strength and durability of the rope material but also prevents it from tangling. It’s highly recommended to buy a tow rope that is anti-UV or weatherproof if you want your tow rope to last throughout the long run.

#5 Hook and Handle

A tow rope with a good hook is much better if you need a vehicle recovery strap if you don’t want to add any extra expense in purchasing an additional hook for the tow rope. Make sure that the hook is big enough.
Even if you may have the best gloves for a tow rope, with wakeboarding or water skiing, it won’t be easy to hold if the handle of the tow rope is not of accurate size. Choose the diameter of the handle according to your hand size.
At first, you may think that buying a tow rope is as simple as choosing the length and hooking it up. But after looking at so many different types of tow rope models you can totally get confused. However, once you get familiar with the differences and get to know your requirements, you can easily choose the right one.

Are tow straps safe?

When towing any vehicle or piece of machinery extreme caution needs to be taken whatever type of towing device you use. To ensure towing practices are as safe as possible, make sure that you only use a towing device that has the correct strength and length to deal with the piece of machinery you wish to move. Other safety features to consider are the attachments that connect with the object that you want to move – i.e. does it have hook straps and are these strong enough for the job? Sometimes tow straps are mistaken for recovery straps so make sure you know what it is you need before purchasing and get some advice on whether you’re purchasing the right product for the shape and size of machinery you plan to tow. An expert will also instruct you on what is the best knot for tow rope should you need to know this.

How long should a tow rope be for a car?

You may not realize but there are actually strict laws governing the use of tow ropes in the US. Depending on which state you live in, so make sure you check out what the rules are in your local area before you attempt to tow anything. Tow ropes used on cars should be no longer than 4.5 meters (to be legal) and there needs to be enough space to give the vehicle being towed enough time to react to what the car in front is doing.

What does the breaking strength of the tow rope mean?

The breaking strength of the tow rope is an important consideration as it can be incredibly dangerous for the tow rope to break when in use. Tow ropes with a high breaking strength are highly recommended and make sure you go for a tow rope that has strength above the requirements of the weight that you are attempting to move.


When first looking to purchase a tow rope you may be surprised to come up against more information than you bargained for. Towing can be a risky practice meaning that robust safety measures have to be adhered to before you attempt it. Make sure you check out the towing regulations in your area and always get some support from an expert before attempting to tow anything yourself as a novice.
When purchasing your own tow rope, make sure you look at the reviews of the tow rope you’re purchasing to check out other users’ experiences with your chosen brand in terms of quality, safety, and ease of use. Also, look for the breaking strength of the tow rope and how much weight it can safely pull. In prioritizing safety above all when searching for the best tow rope you’re sure to be able to find an option that suits your needs and your budget.

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