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Best Survival Canteen: Reviews ( 2022Update)

There is no doubt that it is fun to be out in the wilderness. However, it is also unsafe, especially for your health. Perhaps, dehydration is one of the biggest problems that you will be confronted with. That being said, you need to have the best survival canteen, including those that we will be listing down in the rest of this post.
If you are preparing your Bug Out Bag, a canteen is one that you need to have. Whether it is for hiking or camping, it will be a trusted companion. It makes sure that you have easy access to clean and safe drinking water. Some canteens are multipurpose and have cups that can be used for cooking or boiling water.
While collapsible water bottles and hydration belts are good alternatives, I would say nothing beats having a survival canteen with you!

Survival Canteen vs Traditional Water Bottles

Before we proceed with the rest of the discussion in this guide, let me get one thing clear – a survival canteen is not the same as your ordinary water bottle. Yes, it is essentially used for storing water so that you can drink it later on. However, canteens are much more than just a water container.
The thing that makes canteens different is that they can be an exceptional survival tool. They can be used for boiling water and for cooking. They are made of a fire-friendly material, which is why heat will pass through it.
While there are canteens that look much like the traditional water bottle that is used outdoors, there are also many that are more traditional. They look like a flask and comes with a sheath. They also have a cup with a handle.

The Different Uses of a Survival Canteen

Still not convinced that a survival canteen will make a great investment? Here are some of the best ways to use it, which will convince you that a canteen is indeed one thing that you need in your life:

Care and Maintenance for Survival Canteens

Do you want the canteen to last for a long time? Do you want to get rid of a foul taste in your water? You will need to exert effort to clean the canteen and maintains its top condition, which will be possible by keeping in mind the things that will be mentioned below:

Choosing the Best Survival Canteen

As you trim down the list and come up with a decision on which one to purchase, here are some of the most important things that you have to consider:

Our Top Picks for the Best Survival Canteen

Now that you are ready to shop, let me present to you a rundown of some of the best canteens that you might want to take into consideration.

1. Klean Kanteen Classic Single Wall Water Bottle


This survival water bottle is one of the most well-received options that you can find on the market. Its premium construction can be regarded as one of its best assets. It is made of a material that is four times more durable compared to its leading competitors. It has a Klean Coat Finish that is guaranteed to last for a long time.
The interior, on the other hand, is electropolished. This means that even if you fill it with juices, the flavor will not cling to the interior, making your water taste clean and fresh.
When it comes to capacity, this model can be filled with up 64 fluid ounces. It has a large opening, which has a diameter of 44mm. With the latter, it won’t just be effortless to fill with water, but you can also drink with ease.  
Lastly, with the Climate Lock Insulation, it is capable of retaining the temperature of your drinks, keeping it hot for 30 hours and cold for up to 100 hours.

2. Pinty G.I. Army Stainless Steel Canteen


If you are looking for a complete survival canteen kit, this is one option that I can personally recommend. Aside from the canteen itself, it already comes with a cup, as well as a waist belt for carrying.
The cup that is included in the canteen can be used more than just for drinking, making it the ultimate survival tool. You can also use it for cooking food or boiling water.
Among others, one of the reasons for the popularity of this product is the military-grade construction. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, which has achieved a reputation for being able to withstand even the harshest conditions. Despite the fact that it is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, you can expect that it is going to be lightweight.
The canteen comes with a helical design, providing it with a wide mouth. Drinking straight out of the canteen will be easy, so as filling it with water.

3. CO-Z G.I. Style Stainless Canteen Cup Kit


Similar to the product that has been mentioned above, this is not just an ordinary canteen that functions solely as a water bottle. Rather, it comes with a drinking cup, which is also multipurpose.
Like most of the canteens with premium quality, this is made using top-notch stainless steel that offers the benefit of durability without being a burden in terms of weight. The military-grade material is known for its ability to resist wear and tear.
The adjustable waist belt that comes as a part of the kit is also a good thing. It can be adjusted based on what is most comfortable for you.
This canteen has a capacity of .95 liters. When it is closed, there is a tight seal that forms around the lid, which will prevent the liquid from leaking.

4. TargetEvo Stainless Steel Military Canteen


This is another canteen that is made of stainless steel, providing you with the confidence that it is going to withstand many years of use. The canteen has a capacity of one quart while the cup that is included has a capacity of .5 quart.  
When you purchase this canteen, it comes with a green nylon bag that will make it easy to carry. Plus, even if it is made of a heavy-duty material, the canteen is surprisingly lightweight.
Like most of the canteens that are mentioned in this post, another asset of this product is the big mouth that makes it easy to fill.
However, the canteen does not come with a tight lid, which is why you cannot fill it with water to be brought when you are moving.

5. Stanley Adventure Steel Canteen


This jumbo canteen can hold up to 1.1 quarts, providing an assurance that you will have something to drink when you need it the most. You can conveniently sling it over your shoulder and bring it in your outdoor adventures.
The retro design of this canteen is one thing that has captivated our attention. It is made of 18/8 stainless steel, which is known for being a rust-resistant material. It is also BPA-free.
It also comes with a two-stage lid, which is one design feature that separates it from many of its competitors. On the top, there is a narrow spout, which is where you will sip. Under it, there is a lid, which is where you have to fill the canteen with ice and liquid.
Lastly, the best thing about this product is perhaps the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty, which can already provide you with the confidence that the quality is indeed top-notch.  

6. Gerber Bear Grylls Canteen and Cooking Cup


This is another survival gear that definitely holds a lot of promise. Among others, it is a favorite of many outdoor enthusiasts because of its high-quality construction. The canteen itself is made of a BPA-free plastic that is lightweight and durable. The nesting cup, on the other hand, is made of aluminum and comes with two handles, which will make it easy for you to boil water.   
The kit is also inclusive of a nylon sheath with a snug fit. This serves as the cover and the carrying bag for the canteen.
It is also a good thing that the canteen comes with a textured exterior, which will make it easy to grip, minimizing the likelihood that it will slip off your hand, even if you are wearing gloves.

7. Rothco 3-Piece Canteen Kit with Cover

For true survivalists, this is another option that is impossible to ignore. It comes with the classic G.I canteen style. At its affordable price, this product is exceptional because it is all-inclusive. Aside from the canteen itself, it also comes with a heavy-gauge aluminum cup and a polyester cover.
It is also great that it comes with clips that will make it easy to slide on your belt for ease of carrying.
However, you need to be careful in choosing this product. The manufacturer warns that it contains a chemical that is known to be toxic in the state of California.

8. Simply Green Solutions Stainless Steel Water Bottle Canteen

The affordability of this product is one of its best assets, allowing you to own a high-quality water bottle without the need to spend a lot.
With a capacity of 24 ounces, it is compact and lightweight, making it easy to bring with you on the outdoors.  
The wide mouth opening of this canteen is also a plus. You can easily fill it with ice cubes. When drinking, the output will not be limited since the opening has a generous size.
It is also a good thing that it comes with a rubber gasket seal, which is basically the one that will prevent leaking regardless of your movements.
Lastly, it is made of 18/8 stainless steel, which is also food-grade. Chemicals won’t leach in such a material and it will not negatively impact the taste of the water.


In sum, the best survival canteen is one thing that every outdoor lover needs to have. It does not only provide a container for your bottle, but there are even some models that could double as a cup. You can use it even for boiling water or cooking. Keep an eye on the products that we have mentioned in this post to end up with a decision that won’t bring regrets.

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