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Top 3 Best Shotgun Lights – Tactical, Home Defense Reviews

Best Shotgun LightsMost firearms lovers and specialists concur that a reliable gun is one of the best home resistance alternatives that you can have. Ideally, having a light mounted on that rifle will make it significantly more successful and could be a potential lifesaver for you and your family. Gun lights are so important that it should be mandatory for gun manufacturers to ship their weapons with a light attached. Therefore, consider a flashlight that adds value to your money thus selecting the best is no exemption to this and choosing it intelligently is a must.

Top 3 Best Shotgun Lights – Comparison Chart

NameOur RatingPrice
Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL Weapon Mount Tactical Flashlight Light4.9$$
Orion H40-W 500 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight 4.8$$
12 Gauge Shotgun Tactical Flashlight5$

Factors to consider when choosing the finest Shotgun Lights

Durability and reliability

The lights attached to the shotgun are reliable as all get out. The amount of strength is one of the factors to be considered when making a purchase. Equipping amount and then adding a tactical flashlight onto that mount can lead to having minor adjustments. Surefire has always built high-quality products, and their shotgun lights are no different. They are expensive, but they will last you forever.


One of the most excellent ideas that Surefire had when designing the DSF shotgun series was to mount two levels of lighting. Attaching the light to your rifle help to improve the brightness that you can know what you are up against.

Strobe Flashlight Feature

Look for numerous modes like a strobing flash attribute to blind as well as disorient a potential intruder just like any good tactical light. It is really pretty cheap and good for almost any make and model of shotgun.
There are lots of beautiful shotgun lights on the market today, and we will be damned if we have not found the best of the best gun lights for you in this guide. Here are the top 3 rated shotgun and they include the following;

1. Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL High Lumen Rail-Mounted Tactical Light

This product provides an 800-lumen blast of illumination for maximum illumination while searching an alley. C4 LED delivers 12,000-candela peak beam intensity. Its broad beam blueprint lights up vast areas so that you can recognize who or what is nearby. TIR optic fabricates a combined beam with optimal peripheral enlightenment. The item has an ambidextrous steady on-off switch along with double tap short-lived paddle to activate strobe. The product is made up of 6000 series machined airliner aluminum with an anodized finish as well as a shock-mounted glass lens. Moreover, tethered battery door and latch mechanism prevent battery door loss while providing easy battery substitution. The programmable strobe can be enabled or disabled. It is power-driven by two 3V CR123A lithium batteries. Further, this product is accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty.



One good thing about this item is its strobe function that can be enabled or disabled depending on your choice. In reality, the strobe is useful when sending out an emergency signal. Like most weapon lights, this model can be accessed based on the on/off function and momentary on commencement through the switch situated at the rear. The switch is ideally ambidextrous to cater both left-handed and right-handed shooters.

2. Orion H40-W Tactical Light

Orion H40-W Tactical Lights is designed for peak performance in the harshest environments and is compact as well as a recoil-proof due to their virtually indestructible LED emitter. The Orion H40-W emits a powerful 500 lumens white beam perfect for identifying threats along with overwhelming the sight of adversaries. Besides, this model comes with both the constant-on clicky switch and momentary-on pressure switch prepared to be mounted on any gun with ordinary Picatinny rails.



Well, the Orion H40-W Tactical Light is certainly one of the best weapons mounted flashlights out there. There is no doubt that the Orion H40-W is the best flashlight for hunting at night. Therefore, we think this tactical flashlight is a real contender, and its price is high.

3. 12 Gauge Shotgun Tactical Flashlight and red laser With Mount for Mossberg 500 and Maverick 88 Shotguns

This universal 12 gauge Shotgun Aluminum has 3 rails with 3 Picatinny slots. It features a smart and one piece design for clamping 12 gauge shotgun barrels. It is made to withstand heavy recoil. It is using a durable aluminum alloy which is compact and lightweight along with a reflector as material. The super durable aluminum construction of this tactical flashlight positions it on top on the market thus having a severe as well as long lifespan case. The flashlight is fully adjustable for windage and Elevation and easily turned on or off with your trigger finger.



This tactical flashlight is excellent for home protection as they are easy to maneuver and simple to operate. The gun is a fantastic value, plain and straightforward. Therefore, anyone looking for a basic home shooting shit in a field shotgun buys it without hesitation.


Among the 3 products explored in this guide, we pick 12 Gauge Shotgun Tactical Flashlight and red laser With Mount for Mossberg 500 and Maverick 88 Shotguns. The Mossberg 500 series is one of the most modern pump-action shotguns of all time. The popularity of this product is primarily based on its extraordinary value compared to other offerings in the market segment. The product is useful for different reasons as stated above but if you can only afford one, then select a well deliberated flashlight.
Now that you have learned a lot about the best shotgun lights you probably are now going to get one. The detailed review explored can prove beneficial for all who want to buy a weapon mounted flashlight right away. Before investing your hard-earned money, think over what good does the particular product offer. First, does it give value for your money? It is evident that many questions run through your mind when you even think of buying a new product.

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