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Best Powder Measure Reviews: What Will Make Reloading Extra Quick and Absolutely Right

Best Powder Measure

Choosing the best powder measure is a daunting task. Or is it not? It all depends if you are in the right track when making your decision. The truth is, there are overflowing choices out on the market. If you don’t want to have any mind-boggling experiences, make sure you check out our top picks.Best Powder Measure
How do you gauge the quality of the powder measure to invest on? Here are some of the most important things to consider before buying one:

Take a look at our top 3 choices for the best powder measure:

  1. Hornady Lock N Load
  2. RCBS Uniflow
  3. Lyman Gen6 Digital

The reason why you are looking for a powder measure to add to your arsenal collection could vary, depending on your requirements and goals. Let’s take a look at our most recommended powder measures for reloading based on the criteria that we want you to consider before purchasing.

Top SalesProduct LinkPrice
Frankford Arsenal DS-750 Digital Reloading Scale with LCD Display for Reloadingfrom $19.99
Hornady 050106 Battery Operated Electronic Scalefrom $39.20
RCBS Scales Chargemaster Lite 120/240 Vac-US/Intlfrom $259.99
LEE PRECISION 90058 Perfect Powder Measurer (Red)from $28.30
Hornady 050069 Lock-N-Load Powder Measurefrom $72.39
Lee Precision Model LP90487 Bulge Buster Kitfrom $15.99
RCBS 98923 Chargemaster Combo Scale/Dispenserfrom $347.45
LEE PRECISION Pro Auto Diskfrom $39.99
RCBS 09010 Powder Measure Uniflowfrom $113.00
RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kitfrom $378.99


A powder measure simply makes things faster. The reloading process is a vital part of your overall activity. However, it could also take a significant amount of your time, not to mention it is also physically draining. A properly calibrated powder measure is essential in order to speed up the reloading operation and save time.

#1 Hornady Lock N Load

The powder measure caters to the widest range of measurements on the market today. It is an advanced and versatile reloading tool that allows you to switch powders. The single button push lets you choose different settings and powder types for a simple and hassle-free operation. The versatile powder measure swiftly reloads even when changing powders in the middle of the reloading process.

#2 RCBS Uniflow

The positive nod on the powder measure model is due to its flexibility and speed in reloading large caliber pistols. Since the unit is consistently accurate with its measurement, you could reload without delays from charge to charge. The numbered measuring screws add to the fast reloading operations.

#3 Lyman Gen6 Digital

If you want to save time on manual reloading systems in a much faster degree, this scale is the right choice. Aside from its accurate measurement, the compact touch screen powder measure makes reloading a breeze. The 3.6 pounds unit also highlights the fast 3-minute WarmUp technology for lightning speed operations.

#4 Our Pick for Speed: Lyman Gen6 Digital


Manual powder reloading is riskier especially if you want accurate and precise measurement. The best powder measure usually showcases special precision metering chambers to give you the seamlessly exact amount of powder you need. More advance scales with higher end features are also adjustable, allowing you to change the grain measurements and powder type with the same accuracy.

#1 Hornady Lock N Load

The Lock N Load powder measure with push button function offers accurate measurement, dropping charge after charge with the same and exact amount. On top of the precision of measurement, the versatility of the scale to measure a wide range of scales is another impressive feature.

#2 RCBS Uniflow

The commendable feature of the powder measure is that it dispenses accurate weight of grains with repeatability. Approximately 3 pounds in weight, the powder scale uniformly pours the powder from its detailed measuring cylinder to its brass case. The precision avoids overloads and clogging.

#3 Lyman Gen6 Digital

The powder measure is accurate to 1/10 grain. It dispenses a wide variety of smokeless power at a rate of 2 grains per second. The precision charge of the scale is possible even with auto repeat functions. The totally new digital technology is designed to ensure accuracy and consistency of measurement.

#4 Our Pick for Precision: Lyman Gen6 Digital


Cost plays a crucial role in deciding which powder measure is the best investment for your arsenal accessory update. You can find varying price rates on our top picks that suit your allocated budget. These powder scales guarantee precision, speed, and overall quality while helping you save money in the process. It all boils down to how much you want to spend or could realistically afford for the purchase.

#1 Hornady Lock N Load

The most affordable in our list, the powder scale is a great pick for a budget-friendly buy. The price is quite reasonable for a unit with the largest charge range and multiple mounting methods.

#2 RCBS Uniflow

The price range for this brand is quite diverse, depending on the unit features and designs you choose. There are scales below a hundred while others are significantly costlier. Regardless of the price tag, the RCBS powder measures are worth the value given their advanced measurement technology for accurate and fast reloading operations.

#3 Lyman Gen6 Digital

The Lyman scale is the costliest in our list. Nevertheless, it is also fully loaded with the latest reloading and measurement technology. The digital powder measure is a high end choice but with the top notch features and designs that will leave you astounded. The space-saving scale highlights a modern and top of the line design that makes a good display.

#4 Our Pick for Price: Hornady Lock N Load


Manually scooping powder significantly reduces the consistency of the charge. A superior quality powder scale changes all that. Make your reloading operation more consistent even when changing the grain measurements every now and then. Our top powder measures are fully equipped with the design and features to guarantee consistent and accurate charges.

#1 Hornady Lock N Load

The unit throws even small powders with guaranteed consistency. It comes with the baffle which ensures your desired results. The single button push operation allows you to switch settings without affecting the measurement and charge.

#2 RCBS Uniflow

The special scooper, adjustment knob, and overall design of the scale give it a reliable consistent charge. It evenly and constantly drops powder with no leaks especially for smaller grains. The precise and consistent charges happen reload after reload. The overall design from the numbered measuring screw to the cylinder to the large and small micrometer adjustment features make it possible.

#3 Lyman Gen6 Digital

For a relatively costly powder scale, this is a moderately satisfactory model compared to other high end brands. Nonetheless, it is still a good pick if you want consistent loads through a hassle-free digital reloading operation. The consistency of the charge is attributed to the scale’s advanced designs such as the anti-drift and anti-static technology.

#4 Our Pick for Consistency: RCBS Uniflow


There are numerous factors that could affect your choice for the best powder measure on our list. Consider the speed, precision, and consistency of the scale to boost your reloading process and make it less time-consuming and difficult. Most importantly, don’t forget to consider the cost of the powder scale you want to invest on. Different brands and models have their matching price tags. Whether you are amenable to a more expensive brand or a cheaper unit is your best match, the quality and overall performance of the scale is of utmost importance. Look for other essential arsenal accessories on the market to boost your combat and recreational shooting skills. Contact us for m1a scope mount, shot timer, and scope for marlin 336!

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