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Top 3 Best Mossberg 500 Stocks – Tactical & Short Reviews of 2022

Best Mossberg 500 Stocks
Finding the best Mossberg is not an issue, you can customize the stock by keeping some features in mind. We are here to help you analyze the key features and reviews of the top rated Mossberg which are very important. The top Mossberg 500 stock should be simple to install, should fit the shooter and easy to use.

3 Best Mossberg 500 Stocks – Comparison Chart

NameOur RatingPrice
Super Deal! Original Factory Mossberg 500 wood stock set 4.7$$
Hague Stock Mossberg 500 Overrubber Shotgun Stock4.8$$
Magpul Industries SGA Stock fits Mossberg 500/590 MAG490 4.9$$

Things to think about

Mossberg 500 stocks produced by wood are more appealing to the eyes of most consumers in the market. When it comes to functionality, the polymer is superior since it’s better suited against humidity, water and abrasions than a wood stock. Therefore, you have to find your fit, and to aid in your search, here are some of the features you have to think about when purchasing Mossberg 500 stock.

Size and shape

Does the best Mossberg fit your hand well? Handling many different models help the buyers to make sure they feel good. Also, find whether the model is convenient, useful and natural to use. Therefore, the size and shape of the model should be carefully considered to let the many existing firearms to a suitable number from which to choose.


Strength is the primary factor for consideration when selecting the best Mossberg 500. The larger and more massive Mossberg is, the heavier it is to handle as well as carry. The matter of handling and balance are excellent options for those seeking comfortable suppression. Mossberg’s dual extractors provide a sturdy as well as secure grip on the shell. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, a variety of options plus years of excellence makes Mossberg 500 a logical choice for home defense. Therefore, Mossberg 500 is still the best plenty of defensive shotguns in the world.


The weight of Mossberg plays a vital role while determining the best model. A broad scope of the product loaded with features will enable the item to be used for too long. Consumers looking to keep the scope weight to a minimum should look for a compact model with fixed magnification.

What about the price and brand?

Don’t just choose Mossberg 500 stock based on its name and high price. It would be best to look past the two aspects and buy a Mossberg based on quality and performance. All in all, these factors value for dollar purchase of Mossberg 500 series.
Based on the performance of the Mossberg 500, we have rounded up 3 products that are available in the marketplace and of which are excellent options for those seeking comfortable concealment.

#1. Hague Stock Mossberg 500 Overrubber Shotgun Stock

This is the best Mossberg you will find on the market that is designed to provide the ultimate comfort and super smooth attractive finish that is durable and quiet. The presence of the Cobblestone texture enhances efficient non-slip and non-irritating stippling pattern. During extreme pressure and heat of injection, the product adheres chemically and mechanically to the skeleton. Ideally, the super strong skeleton gives the stocks strength and precise dimensions that provide a perfect drop-in fit of your shotgun.
The state of the material used on Hague Stock won’t harden with age and is virtually impervious to all oils as well as solvents found around firearms thus providing years of dependable service.



This product increases the level of comfort of your shotgun with a 12-inch length of pull. The item can improve the work of any hunter and ensure efficiency while keeping the stock from irritating your hand.

#2. Magpul Industries SGA Stock fits Mossberg 500/590 MAG490

This item is a top notch hybrid designed to allow a shooter to the buttstock to fit the needs and shooting styles of an individual. This product is highly adaptable and customizable in many different ways. Magpul Mossberg looks great since the handgrip has a very real grip texture and the shape ideally allow the shooter to decisively pull the weapon tight into the shoulder to increase functionality.
As a matter of fact, installation of this product is pretty simple, and it has a very high-quality stock. The material of this item is robust and durable. When the spacers are locked together, there is no movement making the overall length reliable, easy to manoeuvre and work the action.



What we can say about this product is that the stock is user-configurable designed to add much-needed adjustability to improve grip ergonomics.
Among our 3 products, we pick Magpul Industries SGA Stock fits Mossberg 500/590 MAG490 as the best Mossberg 500 stock, and we recommend this product to everyone without hesitation.

#3. Super Deal! Original Factory Mossberg 500 wood stock set

The Mossberg is pretty simple regarding installation. The product has a thicker barrel which moves the action smooth. This wood furniture makes the shotgun look real nice and vintage. The Mossberg 500 pump has a remarkable combination of modern design with custom type feature as well as affordability. This product come in an array of stocks, finishes, barrels and combo options that make it the perfect and versatile choice for first-time hunters to seasoned veterans alike.
What we like most about this product is the quality which adheres to the world-class standards set by the brand itself.



Overall, the Super Deal! Original Factory, Mossberg 500 wood stock set, is of high quality that comes at a lower price. Additionally, the functionality of the product defines comfort and excellent concealment. Therefore, the Mossberg is likely to remain one of the pump shotgun kings for many decades to come.


We hope this buying guide will help you choose the best Mossberg 500 stock that is easy to use, comfortable and offers the best suppression at its best.

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