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Best Ground Blind Chair: Reviews and Guide 2022

Best Ground Blind Chair

Best Ground Blind Chair

What is a Ground Blind Chair?

Ground Blind Chair is an indispensable hunting accessory that provides the necessary level of comfort and stealth while waiting for long hours in ground blinds. As the name suggests, a ground blind chair is basically a comfortable and quiet seat that helps a hunter sit and turn around effortlessly while hunting in a ground blind.

Top SalesProduct LinkPrice
Caldwell DeadShot ChairPod Adjustable Ambidextrous Rifle Shooting Rest for Outdoor Range and Huntingfrom $161.99
Vanguard VEO 2 AM-234TU Shooting Stick Tri-Stand Base with Ball Joint Rotating and Removeable U Shaped Yokefrom $77.61
ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Deluxe Blind Chairfrom $117.68
ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chairfrom $105.19
Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand Mossy Oakfrom $289.99
Browning Camping Huntsman Chairfrom $88.74
Primos Double Bull Tri Stool Truth Camoflagefrom $33.49
Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Chair Blackfrom $49.99
ALPS OutdoorZ Triad Swivel Hunting Stoolfrom $79.99
Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe Climber Tree Standfrom $99.99
Hawk Stealth Spin Chair - Silent Comfortable Swiveling Portable Chair for Camping Hunting Fishing Backpacking and More (Bone Collector Edition)from $92.39
Millennium Treestands M50 Hang-On for Huntersfrom $149.99
REDCAMP 2-Pack Camping Stool Folding 300lb Lightweight Portable Tripod Camp Stools for Backpacking Hiking Hunting Fishing Camouflagefrom $35.99
Benchmaster Ground Hunting & Shooting Chair - BMGBHSC - Ground Blind Chair with Rifle Rest - Full 360 Rotation - Quiet & Comfortablefrom $60.38
Bench master BMGBSC2 Four Leg Ground Blind Chair Shooting Chairfrom $99.99
Millennium Treestands T-100 Tripod 10 ftfrom $419.99
Swivel Blind Chair - Regular - Bottomlandfrom $59.99
Hawk Big Denali Luxury Blind Chair - Extra Large Silent Comfortable Swiveling Portable Chair for Camping Hunting Fishing Backpacking and Morefrom $125.99
Ameristep High Back Chair-Realtree Xtra Greenfrom $37.79
Primos 65818 Gen3 Crossbow Tall Tripod Shooting Rests Trigger Stickfrom $132.49

What will you doing with a Ground Blind Chair?

Stealth and speed are the critical factors that decide the success of your hunting. Most of the hunting accessories provide suitable camouflage that helps you to remain undetectable. However, your hunting trip will never be successful if your movement and your equipment’s noise betray your position. A ground blind chair helps you to move comfortably yet silently during the entire hunting session.

Why should you choose a Ground Blind Chair instead of a normal chair?

A ground blind poses unique challenges to hunters. Firstly, hunting from a ground blind is quite difficult as compared to hunting from tree stands. When hunting in a ground blind, a hunter will be required to sit while taking aim and shooting at the game. Without a proper seat, the hunter will have to crouch, rotate and lean and all these movements affect the accuracy.
Secondly, the range of motion is limited in a ground blind and it is not possible to rotate quickly while hunting. Moreover, the hunting chair must provide the right balance and position on any type of terrain. Clearly, an ordinary chair will not serve the purpose and hence a different type of chair is needed for offering camouflage, accuracy, and comfort.

What are the popular brands of Ground Blind Chair?

Almost all the commercially available ground blind chairs are silent, comfortable and adjustable. All the major brands that manufacture hunting equipment and accessories sell ground blind chairs as well. However, the more reputable brands that are known to offer high-quality ground blind chairs are:

What is the common price of a ground blind chair?

Most of the heavy duty chairs are costly and have a cost more than $100. Low-priced chairs are priced around $30 and mid-priced chairs are available in a price range of $60 to $80.

Is every chair easy to carry?

A light chair with foldable legs can be carried conveniently from one location to another. The portability largely depends on the chair’s body framework. Blind chairs with a steel framework are usually bulky.

What are the main factors to choose the best ground blind chair?

Every brand is unique and the following factors need to be considered while buying a ground blind chair:

#1 Height

Height is a crucial factor while selecting the right ground blind chair. It is inconvenient to get up from the chair and take position whenever the prey comes within the shooting range. Adjustable chairs help to set the height in such a way that the hunter is not required to change position every now and then.

#2 Weight

Weight of the hunting chair is another important factor that affects your hunting experience. It is desirable to have a blind chair that is lightweight and which can be comfortably carried along with other hunting gear. Ideally, a low-weight ground blind chair weighs about 7 pounds while a heavy duty ground blind chair weighs about 17 pounds.

#3 Comfort

Hunters are often required to sit for long hours before the prey comes within the range. Comfort level is of prime importance to those hunters who are suffering from medical ailments or lower back pain. Cushioned seats and backs need to be checked to determine the level of comfort offered by the chair.

#4 Durability

A ground blind chair must be robust and able to withstand huge weights. Typically, strong chairs come with an aluminum framework and curved seats. The maximum load capacity as to be considered while selecting a ground blind chair.

#5 Portability

The hunting chair must have straps that enable the hunter to carry along with the hunting back pack.

#6 Ease of Setup

The blind chair must be very easy to setup as hunting will be mostly done on uneven terrain or soft grounds. Legs of the chairs must be easily adjustable and they must be adjusted independently of each other.

#7 Budget Friendliness

Ground blind chairs come in high-price range, mid-price range, and low-price range. Benefits offered by the chair must be compared with the price tag while making the purchase decision.

#8 Odors and perfumes

Animals are extremely sensitive to smell and so any odor coming out of the blind chair is bound to alert the prey. Hence, it is important to select non-perfume ground blind chairs.

#9 Waterproofing

Every blind chair will have metal parts that need protection from rust. Selecting a blind chair with waterproofing ensures durability and guarantees protection while hunting during the monsoons.

What Are Top 6 Best Ground Blind Chair Reviews 2022

#1 Redneck Outdoors Portable Hunting Chair

This swivel hunting chair is considered as the ultimate ground blind chair in the hunting community.  Touted as ‘light, quiet and strong ‘, this hunting chair comes with a carry strap and a swivel seat that enable you to rotate 180 degrees during hunting. The chair is quiet robust and it can support weight up to 350 pounds.
The height of this 16 pounds chair can be adjusted from anywhere between 18 inches – 20 inches. The chair has three height-adjustable legs that ensure that you maintain a comfortable position even on uneven terrain. The comfort levels are further enhanced by high-density foam seat and back cover.
Even though the chair is easily foldable, its robust steel framework makes it very burdensome. Despite its heavy weight, hunters believe that it is worth to carry such a robust but effective swivel chair during their hunting trip. The comfort level offered by the chair comes at a premium price.

#2 Benchmaster Sniper Seat 360 Shooting Chair

This ground blind chair has a swivel seat that enables the hunter to comfortably rotate 360 degrees while taking aim and shooting. The chair is particularly useful for hunters who use bow and arrow as it has removable arms. Besides giving more space, the chair also provides steadiness to hunters who are hunting with a gun. Additionally, it has durable foam back that reclines up to 50 degrees.
The foam-padded seat has 16 inches by 11 inches dimensions that are ideal for those long hours on the hunt. The chair’s only drawback is the slight noise that the chair makes while rotating and turning around.
Hence, the chair must be maintained on a continuous basis to avoid any unwanted squeaking that may alert a deer that is 50 yards away. The chair is 25 pounds and its framework is made up of lightweight steel that protects it from rusting.

#3 Millennium Treestands G100 Blind Chair

This ground blind chair is by far the most lightweight chair that is available in the market today. This is also one of the costliest chairs and specifically for those hunters who do not want to compromise on comfort level. The framework of this 7 pounds chair is made up of powder-coated aluminum and hence it can be easily carried to any location very easily.
Hunters can spend an entire night while seating on the chair that provides comfort even on uneven terrain. The comfort is achieved with 4 height-adjustable legs that will position the seat at an angle that is most appropriate for shooting.
The chair can be adjusted to any height that is in the range of 13 inches to 18 inches. Despite its lightness, the chair is very sturdy and it has also been called as ‘bombproof hunting chair’. Clearly, plenty of effort has gone in designing and building the chair.

#4 Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Chair Black

This chair is one of the most silent and cost effective chairs available in the market. The product’s price falls in the lower range and it has been credited for offering value for money. Despite its low price, the swivel chair does not compromise on budget. Its 2.25 inch padded seat is oversized and it can accommodate a person of any size.
The chair also has a padded back rest that provides a perfect support to any hunter who wishes to lean back while waiting for the game. In fact, the comfort level is so high that you will feel as if you are sitting in your favorite chair at home. The chair has a robust framework that is made up of powder-coated tubular steel.
Even though it is made up of steel, the chair weighs 11.19 lbs and it can be carried comfortably along with other hunting equipments. The comfort level is further achieved by foldable legs that can be adjusted to maximize the chair height to until 16 inches.
One of the key features of the chair is the silent swivel that can make you rotate 360 degrees. The silent swivel makes you completely undetectable.  This chair is most suitable For hunters who wish to purchase a completely silent chair.

#5 ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair

This blind chair is a swivel rotating chair that enables 360 degrees rotation for easy shooting and it weighs 15 pounds. This chair is particularly used on soft ground.  The four legs have large footpads that prevent the chair from sinking into the ground.  The key benefit of this blind chair is that the height of each leg can be adjusted independent of the other legs. This enables you to achieve the right level while sitting.
The height can be adjusted from the range of 17.5 inches to 23 inches.  The chair also offers a greater level of comfort due to the padded polyester back and the robust steel legs. This blind chair is a favorite amongst hunters who prefer a seating that is more comfortable than a regular tripod stool.

#6 Primos Double Bull Tri Stool

This is one of the simplest and the lightest hunting chair available. The design is very simple and the 6.5 pounds stool allows plenty of movement to hunt. The seat is made up of polyester while the legs are made up of steel. This equipment is cost-effective and low-priced. The main drawback of this blind chair is that its legs do not fold and hence you will have to carry the entire 2 feet- long chair along with other equipment.
However, the stool is one of the sturdiest blind chairs and it enables you to be firmly grounded while hunting.  The sturdiness of the stool has made it a favorite choice amongst hunters suffering from hamstrings and lower back problems.  A good lower back support, low cost and robust body makes this a favorite tripod in the hunting community.

Maintaining and keeping Ground Blind Chair in good condition

Maintaining a ground blind chair is of key importance. Following are the tips for maintaining a blind chair:


Hunting is one of the most refreshing outdoor activities whose success depends on camouflage, speed and accuracy.  A robust ground blind chair proves to be a valuable asset in any hunting exhibition as it enables hunters to meet all the success factors. Every hunter has different requirements and hence a variety of ground blind chairs are available to choose from.
This article has discussed six popular blind chair brands that offer unique benefits to hunters. Moreover, it serves as a reference guide for amateur as well seasoned hunters to make an informed decision while purchasing a ground blind chair.

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