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Best Generator for Bowfishing: Reviews ( 2022Update)

Generator for Bowfishing

Generator for Bowfishing

When you are bowfishing and you plan to spend the night on your boat waiting for a fresh catch, there is one thing that you will need – a generator. Bowfishing without a generator can be frustrating, especially once it gets dark.
If you are on the lookout for the best generator for bowfishing, keep on reading the rest of this post and learn from our recommendations. There are plenty of choices, but this does not mean that they can all offer the performance and quality that you expect.

Why Do You Need a Generator when Bowfishing?

The most obvious reason is to provide power that the fishing light needs, if in case you are fishing during nighttime. It can also be useful for entertainment, providing you with music when in the middle of a body of water. You can also use the generator for cooking, making sure that you won’t go hungry during your trip.

Why Choose a Generator over a Battery?

When it comes to backup and portable power supply to consider in your fishing trips, you will generally have two options – battery or generator. Batteries are cheaper and they do not produce any noise. However, the problem is that the power that they can supply is limited. For this reason, I would personally choose a generator anytime!

Bowfishing Generator: Past vs Present

Through the years, generators, in general, have changed, not only those that are used in bowfishing. One of the most noticeable changes is that they became more affordable, so there is no excuse to not have one. They also became more portable and advanced. Features have been added to improve not only load capacity, but their fuel economy as well.
In a nutshell, it could be said that these generators became better. And in the future, I can only predict that they will get even better!

How to Choose a Bowfishing Generator

To narrow down the possibilities, here are some of the most important things to note:

Our Top Picks for the Best Bowfishing Generator

Clueless on what to pick? Here are some of our top recommendations, which you will love as well after knowing how their features can make fishing a better experience for you and your buddies!

1. Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Portable Generator

Lightweight and power-packed – these are two of the things that you can expect in this generator. It weighs less than 45 pounds, yet it has enough power to keep your lights running during your fishing trip.
Aside from the inverter system, which improves fuel efficiency, it also has Pulse Width Modulation. The latter is a feature that improves voltage and frequency stability.
There is also no need to worry about noise as it is going to operate quietly. There is a rubber vibration isolation, which can help in the reduction of noise and vibration.
This model can produce 1,600 watts running and 2,000 watts starting. That means it can power more than 30 lightbulbs! You surely won’t need that much in your boat!

2. WEN 56200i Inverter Generator

The extremely quiet operation of this generator is one of its best assets. Perhaps, you might not even notice that it is running! The sound that it produces is just the same level as a normal conversation among humans.
Weighing only 48 pounds, this is also a portable generator. What I even love more is how there is an ergonomic handle on the top, making it easy to bring in your next fishing trip.
The tank has a capacity of one gallon. When it is full, the generator can run for up to six ours, provided that the load capacity is kept at half.
There is a WEN Eco-Mode, which, when active, will consume lesser power as the engine automatically adjusts based on its load.
This model produces 1,600 surge watts and 2,000 rated watts. The fuel tank has a capacity of one-gallon and at half load, can run continuously for six hours.

3. Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Portable Inverter Generator

With 1,800 rated watts and 2,200 peak watts, this is a small generator that will provide plenty of power for your fishing trips. This is more powerful than the two generators mentioned above. It ca run several lights at time and even charge your gadgets.
It weighs only about 43 pounds, which makes it lightweight.
The generator comes with a gas tank with a capacity of 1.3 gallons. When the tank is full and when it is running at 25% load, it has a run time of up to 13 hours.
Meanwhile, the noise output is 52 dB, which is pretty much quiet. You will never find the noise annoying!
Lastly, the manufacturer is offering warranty for three years and technical support for a lifetime, which can make you confident about its quality.

4. Honda EU2000I Generator with Inverter

Fuel efficiency is one of the best things about this generator, one thing that Honda is known for. When the tank is filled with one gallon of gas, it has a runtime of up to eight hours.
In terms of power output, it has a rated load of 2,000 watts, which is pretty much high for its small size. Its capacity is the same with the two models earlier mentioned. If you use lesser lights, a full-tank gas will last longer.
It has a pull-starter mechanism, but there is no need to worry as starting the generator will be almost effortless on your end.

5. Champion Stackable Portable Generator

One of the best assets of this product is the stackable design, a patented technology. This means that you can stack generators on the top of each other to supply higher power depending on what you require in your fishing trip.
In terms of power output, it has a rated load of 2,000 watts, which is pretty much high for its small size. Its capacity is the same with the two models earlier mentioned. More so, when the gas tank is full, it can run for up to 9.5 hours.
Lastly, the manufacturer also offers three-year warranty and lifetime technical support.


In sum, the best generator for bowfishing is an investment that you need to have. They are portable and dependable, providing the power that you need even when in the middle of a fishing trip!

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