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Best Duck Hunting Gloves: Reviews and Buying Guide ( 2022Updates)

As the temperature starts dipping, we are sure that the duck hunting enthusiasts are gearing up for this season’s first duct hunting venture. But, before you head out, did you equip yourself with proper duck hunting gloves? Needless to say, duck hunting gloves are necessary or else you might end up freezing your fingers, and might not even be able to press the trigger of your gun! In this article, we will have a closer look on best duck hunting gloves and we would help you in making the right decision.

Why You Should Wear Duck Hunting Gloves?

Heading out for waterfowling without duck hunting gloves? Think twice? Duck hunting be it for recreation or sport is always fun, but without duck hunting gloves, would it be the same?
Waterfowling is best done in winters and cold season when ducks begin to migrate. However, winter season comes along with icy winds and cold hands. You can go without a layer of pullovers but not without a pair of duck hunting gloves. You will surely regret!
Hunters, in the past, didn’t prefer using hunting gloves as the gloves at that time used to be so thick and bulky that their fingers didn’t comfortably fit the trigger space. However, without them, it’s impossible to even load the shotgun or pull the trigger as the fingers turn icy cold and freeze to the point that they don’t move.
But the modern scenario in waterfowling has kept hunters away from such dilemma, all thanks to the new and advanced duck hunting gloves. Now, the duck hunting gloves are more durable, not so thick and can still keep your fingers warm while also allowing you to hold the trigger and load the shotgun.
The most important things to look for in a duck hunting gloves are:

Various Hunting Gloves Designs

When you decide to buy a pair of gloves the only thing that probably crosses the mind is whether or not this pair of duck hunting gloves will work for you. However, apart from the style and appropriate level of thickness, you should also think about something else and that is the design.
When it comes to buying hunting gloves, design plays a big role. And you will find a number of hunting gloves designs available. They are:

  1. Cold weather gloves

While you hunt, the only reason why you probably wear your gloves is to keep your hands warm. However, when it is extremely cold, it is impossible for the gloves to keep your hands as warm as you need them to be. A normal pair of gloves certainly cannot do that for you. However, the cold weather gloves are exactly the kind of gloves that you should look for during such critical cold weather situation.
The cold weather gloves are made of thick materials along with a perfectly thick liner that is designed to keep your hands warm. However, although they are perfect for keeping your hands warm during cold weather, they may not always be the best choice when the climate is windy.

  1. Falconry Gloves

A pair of standard falconry gloves perfectly fits your fists and wrists. Some falconry gloves even cover a good amount of your forearms. They are known as gauntlet. These gloves are made of heavy leather; especially of moose or buskins. The best part of these gloves is that they are perfect for handling birds while you are duck hunting.
The D-ring near the palm and the tassel by the wrist are some features that you do not see in other gloves. However, maintenance of these gloves is extremely important and you have to keep them clean and conditioned every now and then.

  1. Fingerless gloves

This is another important and highly used duck hunting gloves design. A lot of hunters choose to wear these gloves for better dexterity in their various hunting tasks. However, the only downside of these gloves is that they cannot protect your fingers from getting cold and that may hinder your hunting performance.

  1. Full finger gloves

The full finger gloves are general purpose gloves that are used for hunting. These have fully insulated fingers that keep your hands warm. There is vast range of options available for these kinds of gloves to choose from but they all differ in the kind of material that is used to make them.

Best Duck Hunting Gloves

1. Glacier Glove Waterproof Insulated Gloves

If you have been looking for an ultimate pair of gloves for duck hunting, this is it! These gloves are super flexible and extremely light in weight and allow your hand to make movements in all directions.
These gloves from the house of Glacier Gloves are made up of superior quality leather that makes them durable. Further, they are waterproof. Additionally, they keep your hands cozy and warm in chilled weather, all because of 60 grams of Thinsulate that the gloves comprise of.
An outstanding feature that makes these gloves different from others is the Real APG HD technology that keeps this gloves neutral, open, and realistic. The longer cuff and leather palms provide superior grip and firm hold while also providing your hands easy maneuverability.
Also, the print pattern on the gloves gives you real-life-nature effect.  The color does not fades off. And overall, the gloves help you in duck hunting seamlessly.

2. Primos Hunting Stretch Fit Gloves

Primos hand gloves would surely not disappoint you!  These gloves are designed ergonomically and have been proven to handle the toughest environmental conditions.
The gloves fit perfectly on hands, are cool and breathable enough. Their perfect design keeps the moisture away from palms and they can also be used as a glove liner. Other features of these gloves include mossy oak new break-up and Real Tree APG HD.
These are light in weight and easy to wear as they are made up of stretchy material. Further, the fabric of the gloves keeps the moisture away, repels water and keeps the skin cool. The extended cuffs provide additional protection to the hands especially for the hunters who have to continuously carry guns in their hands.
These gloves offer great dexterity for loading arrows and firearms and palm and dotted fingers provide superb grip. Overall, these are perfect hunting gloves and ideal for warm climate.

3. Mechanix Wear-Original Tactical Gloves

These are one of the best tactical gloves present today. The gloves are equipped with a special D3O palm padding that protects the middle part of the hand from fatigue. Further, these hunting gloves also come along with a nylon web which makes storage of things easy and convenient.
The gloves can be washed in machine and are safe to use. They have a thermal plastic rubber closure that offers excellent fit in addition to providing superior flexibility to hands.
These duck hunting gloves are made up of durable leather that prolongs their life and makes them breathable, TrekDry foam at the back provides increased fit and dexterity while keeping your hands cool and comfortable.
What’s more? The gloves have an impact guard at the first knuckle which helps you in pressing the trigger comfortably. Thus, these ergonomically designed gloves reduce the impact and other abrasion injuries when you are out in the wilderness.

4. Midwest Gloves and Gear Hunting Gloves

Midwest gloves are comfortable and made up of 100% genuine leather. They are manufactured in USA and known for their durability.
These gloves provide a great fit, all thanks to their hemmed cuff and keystone thumb which keeps the ice and lake water out during the winter.
Double seam on the finger gives you an additional grip. The gloves have a PVC coating with Thinsulate and comes with a Mossy Oak camouflage in brown color that mimics the surrounding area perfectly.
Rest assured, these gloves are known for providing warmth and protection from chilling temperature. They are a great pick for your daily chores and best in quality and thus are an ideal choice of duck hunters.
Further, they are available in a single size that fits almost all the people.

5. Glacier Glove Decoy Glove

Decoy gloves from the house of Glacier Glove are high quality elbow length gloves that help you successfully hunt the ducks in cold water environment.
The gloves consist of 2mm thick neoprene coating that keeps your hand and forearms dry and comfortable throughout the day.
The internal seams are glued and stitched together to prevent any water leak. The Hi-grip palm feature and the sharkskin textured palm provide an additional grip so that nothing slips out of your hands in the wet.
Further, they have a superior build quality, are 100% waterproof, comfortable and stretchy. They are available in three sizes – small, medium and extra-large.
These gloves come in Max 4 Camo and thus, they get effectively blend with your hunting outfit.  All in all, these gloves are a must-have for any water-fowler and helps them with their daily wet and cold tasks of water-fowler hunting.

Different kinds of Duck Hunting Gloves

The duck hunting season normally falls on the breezy, crispy end of the autumn season. And that is when the hunters start to take care of their hands seriously.
The duck hinting gloves play a huge role in keeping the hands safe from the harsh autumn season. There are a number of options available for you if wish to buy a pair of duck hunting gloves. Here are the options that you can choose from –

  1. Light gloves

If you are looking for a simple and yet practical pair of hand gloves, then you should buy a pair of light hunting gloves. They will protect your hands from the morning chill without compromising your deftness.
There are plenty of options available when it comes to light gloves. These are uninsulated and yet keep you warm during your hunting. From turkey hunting models to beautifully designed wing-shooting gloves – you can buy them all.
The best part of the gloves is, they are light, camouflaged and help you trigger your gun properly. However, the down side is, they are not waterproof.

  1. Fingerless wool gloves

During cold mornings, when you are out for your duck hunting trips, these fingerless wool gloves give you warmth and protection from the cold weather. They also keep your fingers free. However, if you are someone who doesn’t like the idea of getting colder fingers, then you probably should not be using these gloves.
The best part of these gloves is that they continue to insulate even when they are wet. On the downside, they do not protect your fingers from getting cold.

  1. Heavy hunting gloves

Heavy hunting gloves have a lot of variety for you to choose from. They normally come as early, mid and end of season gloves. There are a lot of high end models that feature Gore-Tex for proper breathability as well as outer shells that are water resistant. With these high-end models, you also get wrist closure and gauntlet-style uppers. They are the best option when it comes to heavy-duty protection during harsh duck hunting conditions.
The best thing about these heavy hunting gloves is that they let you have a firm grip over your shotgun or let you grab decoys or any other hunting gears. However, on the downside, it is sometimes difficult to shoot with heavily insulated gloves. They get wet even if they are waterproof when you pick up decoys while wearing those.

  1. PVS-coated gloves or neoprene

The best thing about the PVS-coated gloves is that they are perfect and keep your hands dry and warm while you are grasping ice-cold push poles or picking up decoys. The best option you can choose is Neoprene as they are the warmest gloves among all the OVC-coated gloves. However, many hunters prefer other PVC-coated gloves as they don’t leak and unlike neoprene, they don’t leave your hands damp.
The upside of these gloves is that you can pull several decoy lines and still your gloves will not be wet. The downside is that they are not cozy enough.

Wrapping Up

With this, we come to the end of this article. Make sure that you buy the right pair of duck hunting gloves for you for an impeccable experience!

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