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Best Camera Belt Clips: 5 Our Top Picks and Buying Guide (Reviews 2022)

It’s easy to miss the perfect shot if you have to stop and pull your camera out of your bag. However, leaving your camera dangling around your neck isn’t usually an ideal solution either. It is heavy, awkward, and can get in your way. Fortunately, there is a modern solution to this seemingly age-old problem for photographers and it comes in the form of a small belt clip.
There are now a range of great camera belt clips available on the market. But who invented the first camera belt clip, what are the different types of camera belt clips, what should you look for when trying to buy the best camera belt clips, and why might you want a camera clip? In this post, we will explore the answers to these questions and more and introduce you to our favorite camera belt clips for different needs and budgets.

Our Top Picks

#1 Best DSLR belt clip: Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip V3 Solo

If you’re looking for a top of the range camera clip, then where better to start than with this little number from the inventors of the concept themselves.

#2 Best camera belt clip on a budget: Kioducky’s Camera Holster Clip

For a camera clip offering quick access on a budget, this clip keeps your hands free and your camera secure when out and about.

#3 Best body camera belt clip: Movo’s Photo MB200 Universal Camera Holster Attachment System

For a body camera belt clip designed for people on the go, this piece of kit offers backup safety for high-action photographers.

#4 Camera pouch with belt clip: USA Gear’s DSLR SLR Camera Sleeve Case with Holster Belt Loop and Accessory Storage

For those not ready to abandon a case, this neatly designed camera pouch can be attached to your belt loop for easier access than standard camera cases.

#5 Compact camera case with belt clip: Case Logic Point and Shoot Camera Case TBC-402

For those looking for a compact camera case that can be fastened to straps and belts, this is a cheap and cheerful option.

ImageProduct LinkPrice
Kioducky Camera Holster Clip DSLR Camera Holster Belt Hanger Fasting Laoding DSLR Holster for Canon 6D 600D 5D2 5D3 Nikon D90 Sony A7S A7R A7S2 Panasonic Olympus DSLR Cameras Climbing Wedding Travelfrom $10.99
Gekkopod Smartphone Tripod Mount - Portable and Flexible Mount That can be Set Wrapped Hung and Clung Practically Anywhere - Compatible with All Smartphones (Yellow) 32044from $19.99
OP/TECH USA Utility Strap Sling XL Quick Adjust - Black (3501262)from $20.11
Gekkopod Smartphone Mount - Portable and Extremely Flexible Smartphone Mount That can be Set Wrapped Hung and Clung Practically Anywhere - Compatible with All Smartphones (Pink)from $21.82
Spider Holster 220 SpiderPro Dual Camera System v2 220from $261.37
Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (Ash)from $39.95
Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3 Solo (Black Clip Only)from $49.95
CADeN Universal Camera Waist Belt Waistband Strap Holder Holster System with Removable Metal Buckle Clip for Nikon Canon Sony Pentax DSLR Mirrorless Cameras Lens Tripod Accessoriesfrom $49.99
Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3 (Black with Plate)from $69.95
Peak Design Capture Lens Kit (Canon)from $69.95
Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3 (Silver with Plate)from $69.95
Spider SPIDERPRO SpiderPro Single Camera Holster Systemfrom $120.00

What is a camera clip?

A camera belt clip system is designed to be rigid and stable whilst you are on the move. This means that whether you are hiking, biking or working in your studio you can have quick access to your camera and keep it protected. It has 2 main components:

#1 A metal Clip

This clamps on to any backpack strap, cord, or belt.

#2 A detachable plate

This detachable plate is what keeps the camera securely in place when it is attached to the metal clip. Handily, it is also tripod compatible. They can typically hold up to 200 pounds in weight, so more than enough for even the heaviest of lenses and camera bodies.

What to look for when buying best camera belt clips

When you’ve invested in a great camera and an even better lens, the last thing you want to do is mistreat it. That’s why it’s vital to have the best quality equipment that keeps it safe from harm wherever you decide to take it. Whilst a good camera bag still has its place, when it comes to keeping your camera close to hand, you can’t beat a camera clip. But how do you ensure your camera is going to be safe on a camera clip?
The best camera clips are made from trusted brands like Peak Design, Axon, and Watchguard. If you can afford it, these guys have led the game when it comes to camera clips and are trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike. However, if these brands are out of your price range, then here are 5 key things to look out for when shopping for a camera belt clip:

#1 Security lock

The internet abounds with stories of cameras dropping out of camera clips when they are hooked on horizontally. However, with a safety lock, you are protected from accidental release no matter how you hang your camera on your clip. Don’t be tempted by a DIY camera belt clip either.

#2 Multi-angle access

It is safer to change your camera lens with your camera clipped in. However, you want to do this easily to prevent accidental damage to your lens. Make sure your camera clip can be safely secured in multiple directions to help with faster and safer lens changes.

#3 All metal build

From the locking pin to the chassis, you want your camera clip to be made from all metal. Aluminum and steel are great but steer clear of camera clips with plastic parts as these are liable to damage quickly.

#4 Weatherproof

The camera clip is going to encourage you to get out into more challenging places with your camera. For that reason, you need it to be able to cope with being out in the rain. Check all of its parts rustproof.

#5 Universal connection

The last thing you want is for your camera clip to only be compatible with a single camera or to be jamming your camera on to it. Most clips will offer this as they use a tripod compatible connection.

Top 5 best camera belt clips review

Now you know everything you need to know about camera clips, it’s time to look at our favorite camera clips on the market for different needs. Here, we give you the lowdown on our 5 top camera belts clips for every budget:

#1 Best DSLR belt clip: Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip V3 Solo

Where else to look for the best camera belt clip than the original creators of the concept itself. Now onto its third generation, Peak Design has continually sought to improve their clips by responding to customer feedback. The handy quick-release button means you can access your camera with ease and the loud click as you pop it back on helps you know it is secure. If you have the budget, this is the top of the range camera clip from the inventors themselves.
Other pros of this camera clip are that: it comes with a lifetime warranty so you can be sure it is built to last; it is made with steel and aluminum finished with an anodized coating for durability; it comes complete with the removable plate which is ARCA-compatible; it can hold up to 200lbs in weight; it has a security lock built-in, and; it is lighter weight than previous models without a cost to its durability. The downside of this camera clip is that it doesn’t come cheap so is not so good for those on a budget.
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#2 Best camera belt clip on a budget: Kioducky’s Camera Holster Clip

If you don’t have a huge budget but are fed up with lugging a full camera case around, then this nifty device will be just what you’re after. Designed to attach to your belt, it gives you the quick access to your camera without you having to spend a fortune. The lightweight design adds to the portability of this belt clip for cameras. Suitable for Nikon, Olympus, Canon, and most DSLRs, you won’t have to faff around to free y6our camera for the perfect shot with this device.
Other good things about this camera clip are that: it can be attached to backpack straps, belts, and the like; it allows you to keep your hands free when scrambling whilst keeping your camera close to hand, and; it is cheap but well-made. The downside of this camera clip is that it is made with plastic as well as metal and can only hold up to 22 pounds. You also need to make sure everything is properly screwed in and tightened every use to avoid any unwanted accidents.
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#3 Best body camera belt clip: Movo’s Photo MB200 Universal Camera Holster Attachment System

If you are after a high-quality camera belt clip that comes complete with its own belt, then you’ll love this setup. This is as good as a Watchguard camera belt clip for a fraction of the price. The instant access system comes with a safety strap as a backup so you can be sure of the security of your camera at all times. If you’ve struggled with neck pain when using your DSLR, then you need to give this camera clip a try.
Other good things about this camera clip are that: it has a secure lock AND a secondary safety strap as backup to prevent accidental drops even if you were to clip it in wrong; it is still quick release even with the added security of the backup safety strap; it can be used with point and shoot cameras as well as DSLRs, and; it’s a great price. The downside of this camera belt clip is that it is not all made from metal so it will deteriorate over time.
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#4 Camera pouch with belt clip: USA Gear’s DSLR SLR Camera Sleeve Case with Holster Belt Loop and Accessory Storage

If you haven’t been swayed by the camera belt clip because of the lack of a protective casing, then you may be interested by this. The lightweight camera sleeve protects your SLR but comes with a strong belt loop to thread your belt through. This makes it easy to access on the move, without you having to leave it exposed to the elements. Additional pockets give you room for a few vital camera accessories too.
Other things to like about this camera pouch are that: it also comes with a strap for traditional use; the snug design means this feels less like a bulky camera case; it is comfortable to wear; it comes with a 3-year warranty, and; it is a great price. The downside of this camera pouch is that, even though it is well designed, it is still not as easy access as a camera clip.
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#5 Compact camera case with belt clip: Case Logic Point and Shoot Camera Case TBC-402

If you love photography but prefer using compact cameras to SLRs or DSLRs, then don’t worry, this bit of kit is just for you. The snug design and accompanying carabiner makes it easy to attach this case anywhere you need it and secure it in place. There is also a belt loop if you prefer to have quicker access to your camera on the move. For a great value compact camera case with a belt clip, this is hard to beat.
Other positive about this camera case are that: it has an extra zippered pocket for you to store other essentials in, such as spare batteries or a memory cards; it gives your camera adequate protection if dropped from waist to shoulder height; it is sturdily woven together, and; it is a great price. The downside of this camera case is that it is not a quick release clip so there will still be some faffing to get your camera out when you need it.
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Other useful accessories for your camera

There are even more goodies here. Take a look to see if you want to upgrade what you already have, or just add on another convenient feature.

#1 Shoot from the hip with this Spider camera holster

This is the one we mentioned in the FAQs.

#2 Lens clips to keep your DSLR lenses at hand

If you don’t have to dig in your bag for your camera, you shouldn’t have to root around for your lenses, either.

#3 A tiny, flexible tripod you can mount practically anywhere

We love this little guy. He’s come in handy so many times when we just didn’t want to set up the full-size tripod. You can literally hang him from a tree!

Free photography tips

If you want to brush up on your skills, there are many free resources online. Some of them are of outstanding quality and don’t require any registration.

#1 Baby photos

Great baby photos aren’t as easy to take as you think. Ask any studio employee.

#2 Low light and night photos

Think about last year’s blurry fireworks, or the too-dim shots around the campfire. View these useful tips if you want to take better photos in low light. For a more in-depth explanation, see this helpful video about night-time photography.

#3 Avoid problems with overexposure

We thought this tip was genius. You won’t have to depend on software to rescue your photos anymore. See what they say about improving middle-of-the-day photos.

#4 Post-editing

This TED talk will open your eyes to the possibility of “impossible” photos. For more Photoshop tips, see this official page from Adobe.

#5 All-around advice from a pro

Number 45 is what we’re all about. Get a camera clip so you’re comfortable doing exactly that.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

So, what else do you need to know about camera clips to help you decide whether you need one? Here, we outline some of the top questions people like to ask us when looking for their ideal camera clip:

#1 Who invented the capture camera clip?

The first Peak Design camera belt clip was conceived of by someone called Peter Dering from Minnesota in 2010 after an around the world trip gave him the inspiration. After generating enough interest and support via a camera belt clip Kickstarter campaign, the first capture camera clip became a reality in 2011. This is a quick-release camera belt clip with a difference. It rigidly secures your camera to your body whilst ensuring ease of access at all times.

#2 What does it mean to be ARCA-compatible?

ARCA-Compatible refers to the quick-release system on the camera clip plate that screws on to your camera. However, this connection was made the company ARCA-Swiss in the 1990s who designed a standard connecting port for tripod heads. The quick-release plates are 38mm wide at their widest and taper off at a 45-degree angle to connect to a tripod. Because of the popularity of the design, it is used on a wide variety of camera equipment today, making it an ideal feature of top camera clips.

#3 What is a spider holster and why do I want a camera clip vs. a spider holster?

A spider holster works in a similar way to a camera clip. However, it is connected to a utility belt and uses its own quick-release design. Compared with a camera clip it is a lot bulkier, costs more, and cannot be attached to different belts and straps.

#4 What is better a camera clip or a camera case that clips onto my belt?

A camera case clipped onto a belt protects your camera more and gives you decent access. However, you still need to unclip or unzip the case before you can access your camera so it is nowhere near as quick to access as with a camera clip. It is also much heavier to lug around.

#5 Can you clip DSLR lenses on to a camera clip?

The best thing about camera clips is that everything is ready to go so they are built to deal with lenses too. Top brands can hold up to 200lbs of weight so even heavier lenses will be fine. If you want to have multiple lenses ready to go, you can also get camera lens belt clips.

#6 Why do I need a camera clip?

As photographers, we’ve all been caught out by something we would have loved to capture in a photo but not been able to whip out the SLR fast enough. A camera quick release belt clip allows you to get the best out of your camera no matter where you are. With a camera belt clip holder, lens clip and a holster added to this you’ll have a fully-fledged camera holster belt clip system.

#7  Why do I want a belt clip instead of a camera case that clips onto my belt?

If you don’t mind the extra time spent fumbling for your camera, by all means, get a belt clip camera case. It will add a little more weight, but it might add a little more protection if it rains, or you’re scraping through the entrance to a box canyon.
Some people prefer a camera utility belt, Batman-style, with pouches and clips for everything. See our “Other useful accessories” section below for an example.
On the other hand, most of us love having our camera in our hands, ready for the shot, in just one second. These camera belt clip mounts are also way smaller and much sexier than a fanny-pack-sized case.

#8 What about my DSLR lenses? Can I clip those too?

Of course you can. Companies like Peak Design make lens belt clips, too.

#9 Is it worth it to invest in a camera clip system?

Yes. That was the easy answer. But really, yes, it is worth it. If you’re not sure you want to jump in right at the start with the full lineup of camera belt clip, lens clip, maybe even a camera holster, just pick a belt clip and see what you think. You may love having your camera at your side instead of bouncing on your chest.


The long-known problem of keeping your SLR close to hand without it banging against you no longer needs to exist. The 2010 invention of the camera clip means you can securely fasten it to your belt or backpack strap so you can access it in a few seconds without having to struggle to get it out of a bag. The options above are suitable for a range of budgets and needs and is there to help get you started when looking for your first camera clip.

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