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Best Belly Band Holster Reviews for 2022

Best Belly Band Holster Reviews
As concealed weapon carrying has become overly popular, firearm companies and manufacturers, as well as firearm gear manufacturers have considerably one-upped their game by providing handgun owners with a diverse selection of handgun holsters. However, because of the fact that people own different types of pistols, revolvers, and tactical handguns, it becomes necessary to own a couple of holster for carrying different handguns. But because there are more than one scenarios where you have to ensure that you have extra-secured your weapon, you need to go for something simple, highly practical, highly functional and multipurpose – and these are belly band holsters that can provide you with a secure fitting, multiple options for storing magazines and other small items.

NameOur RatingPrice
AlphaHolster Belly Gun Holster – Abdominal Band Pistol Holster4.3$
Defender Concealment Belly Band Holster4.4$
UnderTech UnderCover Original Belly Band4.2$
Core Defender Belly Band Concealment Holster4.0$
Belly Band with 2 Mag Pouches by PS Products4.0$


The sheer practicality of a belly gun holster can never be overemphasized. They are designed to help you conceal your weapon in the most efficient way possible. I for one go for running every morning and for that I wear a t-shirt and sweat pants. There is no way I can conceal my weapon in the flimsy pockets of my sweat pants or anywhere else for that matter – but it has never ever fallen out of the belly gun holster I wear, not even once.  The belly holster has more than one pocket where you can conveniently place your weapon as well as a spare magazine. You would be surprised by the utter simplicity of a belly holster, but it has become such as an important invention.
Although there are other types of gun holsters designed to conceal a gun, there are a lot of instances where other, not so simple holsters won’t suffice – whereas a belly holster will always make it easier for you to carry your handgun. A belly holster is made of a large elastic band that you can wrap around your waist and secure it by Velcro. These things come in various shapes and sizes, designed for all types of body types. However, I am going to talk about the best belly band holster you can get your hands on.
When it comes to belly gun holsters, a majority of people fail to find a holster they can wear comfortably without having to adjust it all the time – and I am talking about people who wear it inside the waistband as well as outside the waistband. However, a belly holster is the perfect solution for this problem. Plus, one of the best advantages of a belly holster is the fact that you can secure any type of handgun in the holster. You don’t have to buy multiple gun holsters to conceal different types of handguns.
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Top 5 Best Belly Band Holster on the Market 2022

AlphaHolster Belly Gun Holster – Abdominal Band Pistol Holster

The AlphaHolster belly gun holster is also counted among some of the best belly strap holsters to have ever been manufactured. Smooth, simple and functional, this belly holster is my personal favorite. The holster is nothing short of being professional-grade. And the affordability factor is also quite surprising, not to mention the fact that the holster is also designed to be ambidextrous to provide the shooter with the freedom and flexibility to store their weapons comfortably as well as use them effectively.
On top of that, the AlphaHolster is also designed to be waterproof. And this is something that really made persuaded me to buy one for myself. So, if you sweat profusely, then this product is for you. On top of that, you can comfortably wear the belly holster and not worry about heavy rainfall or any sort of wet conditions. The holster was designed using superior but light materials, which makes it even more fun and relaxing to wear. It is as breathable as it can get, which also means that you don’t have to worry about the holster accumulated excess sweat or body heat whenever you have it on.
The AlphaHolster is also designed with an efficiently ventilated design, which is also elastic, meaning you can easily take out your weapon to use it and just as quickly and without any hassles, put it back inside the concealed holster. And because the materials used to create the holster are top grade, you don’t have worry about any scratches on your gun.
The AlphaHolster provides you with a tactical advantage, enabling you to quickly conceal your weapon once you have it out and you can wear it underneath a t-shirt or a shirt without having to feel even a bit uncomfortable. The flexibility of the belly holster is amazing, which means you can run, play and even weight lifts without having to worry about the holster being a bother. At times you won’t even feel as if you’re wearing it.
Outstanding Features
• The holster comes in a bunch of colors namely white, black and beige. Beige is a unique color that can blend with the complexion of your skin, making it even more concealed
• The holster is incorporated with multiple loops for storing extra magazines, but you can also store mini flashlights, pepper spray, and even small tactical knives in the loops
• The product is manufactured with high-end elastic that is ventilated for additional comfort. The elastic used superbly to hold the holster wrapped around your belly, secure with strong Velcro closure
• The AlphaHolster is among a few belly holsters that are water resistant
• There is a total of two pistol holsters and it has extra loops for magazines
Again, you have to be careful regarding the size you choose a couple of inches more or less can result in discomfort when wearing the product.[Read full reviews]

Defender Concealment Belly Band Holster

As far as belly holster goes, the Defender Concealment belly band holster is a pricier than the last four belly holsters. The belly band gun holster is manufactured using very smooth and soft elastic and is primarily designed for concealing medium framed and slightly larger framed handguns. There is also an additional magazine slot given if you want to carry extra ammo with you. Although the belly holster is not designed to be ambidextrous, the product does come in the different version for left or right-hand shooters and only comes in black.
There is no question about the fact that the Defender Concealment holster is astonishingly concealable. And with a smooth elastic band, it enables your firearm to stick close to your body no matter what. If you are looking for maximum concealment, it is strongly recommended that you wear the holster on your lower abdomen. This allows your pant line to perfectly conceal the weapon. However, you can wear it a bit high too – and is also designed to be worn on your arm. For maximum comfort, it is recommended that you wear the holster over a soft, cotton vest.
Another really interesting benefit of this holster is the fact that it comes in an efficient and modular design – which means you can also store extra accessories as you deem fit. You can also purchase a couple of Velcro thumb breaks or carry two extra ammo clips anywhere on the holster. The belly holster can also be easily personalized, which means you can adjust it as per the environment, but it is important to realize that this comes with additional expenses. However, the holster is perfect for people who have different guns – and larger handguns require bigger thumb breaks. This is to enable you to carry more than one handgun or an additional magazine, and in different environments. The belly holster is designed to provide you with increased comfort and flexibility, eliminating your need to buy different holsters.
The Defender Concealment belly holster provides with a quick and smooth draw, although it is important to understand that if you add a bigger thumb break, your drawing speed may be affected. It easily accommodates larger-framed handguns compared to a majority of other belly strap holsters. However, I did experience a couple of problems storing my larger-framed Beretta Storm, the sight on the handgun kept on stringing on the holster. On top of that the higher you wear the holster on your waist, the higher the chances of the handgun bouncing off your skin. So, try to wear as low as you can to perfectly stabilize your handgun.
All in all, the Defender Concealment belly gun holster is without a doubt a top of the line products, not to mention I was quite surprised with the versatility and flexibility it provided – enabling me to carry most of my handguns as well as the magazines. On top of that, the belly holster is also perfect for a woman to wear as it can be easily concealed under a skirt or a vest top.
Outstanding Features

There are no major concerns with the holsters. The thing I found a bit strange is the fact that the magazine’s pouch is designed to be given right next to the gun holster. It would have been more efficient and effective if the pouch was positioned on the opposite side of the holster.

UnderTech UnderCover Original Belly Band

For extra concealment, there is no question about the fact there is no gun holster out there that can rival the functionality of a belly band gun holster. The UnderTech’s Original belly holster is designed to be a simple belly strap that comfortably encircles your abdomen and almost covers the entire handgun or revolver. It ensures the handgun is as close to your body as possible, smoothing the bulge of the pistol underneath your shirt or t-shirt, it provides users with unmatched weapon concealment.
UnderTech’s UnderCover Original belly strap holster offers the most functionality and versatility amongst a majority of belly straps. Plus, it also provides users with a high degree of comfort level at all times. You can strap on the holster just as easily and wear it all day long without having to move it an inch. It is designed to be perfect for any situation. For example, you can wear it at your friend’s wedding, underneath a suit and feel no discomfort at all. The same can be said about the fact that you can also wear the holster when you hit the gym, underneath a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. The strap is made to be sweat resistant too.
Manufactured in the US, the holster has a powerful strap-on and is made with high-quality heavy duty elastic. The Original belly gun holster enables users to securely and effectively conceal small to medium-framed semi-automatic handguns, revolvers, and pistols. I can pretty much easily slide in my Glock 19 – plus, the holster also conveniently holds a full sized Glock 22 and 17 along with all smaller versions of the incredible handgun. The UnderTech UnderCover belly strap holster is also designed to efficiently work with a majority of self-defense handgun as well. Plus, you can even wear it in winters, underneath a sweater or a heavy coat.
It is perfect for holding an S&W as well, there are also additional slots provided, where you can hold a whole bunch of things such as paper cash, a credit card and your concealed weapon carrying permit. People also use it to hold mini flashlights, extra ammo, etc. Moreover, it is also important to order the UnderCover Original belly holster in the correct size. I would recommend you buy one for the holidays as you may very well be able to return it and get another size should the size your ordered doesn’t fit or is uncomfortable.  All in all, the holster has absolutely no disadvantages at all. I would strongly recommend you go for this one with your eyes closed.
Outstanding Features

You have to be careful what size you choose. If you select a bigger size, it will end up making your frame look bulkier and visible.

Core Defender Belly Band Concealment Holster

The Core Defender concealment bell band gun holster is another great option. The holster is specially designed for increased ergonomics and superior quality weapon concealment. Moreover, the company, Elite Survival, have manufactured the product out a high-quality elastic band that is both orthopedic, latex free. The holster comes in only two colors, which are black and tan. And if you’re wondering the types of sizes it comes in, you really don’t have to worry. The Core Defender comes in small, medium, large and extra-large dimensions.
If you would rather go for an abdominal belly strap, the Core Defender can be an efficient and comfortable option that can also provide you with quick-action, which means you can reach your gun and magazine clips faster. The belly holster is designed to securely hold small and medium sized and framed handguns and revolvers. Moreover, the holster can also securely store large-frame automatic pistols rather comfortably. The belly holster is also incorporated with cross-draw and strong-side sections. Plus, the holster is also designed to have three rear pockets where you can store extra magazines, a flashlight, handcuffs, pepper spray and other small items. The holster is ambidextrous, which means you can store two guns. It blends in well under t-shirts and shirts and can also perfectly conceal your weapon even if you’re wearing shorts.
Outstanding Features

The belly band can potentially make you sweat a lot. The thin layer of elastic is great for concealing your weapon but can be a bit rough on your skin.

Belly Band with 2 Mag Pouches by PS Products

The Belly Band by PS Products is a simplistic, stretchable gun holsters that are manufactured with heavy duty plastic and a solid Velcro closure. The belly holster has a single handgun carry option with two extra slots for magazines. The elasticity of the band is wonderful; it is comfortable and highly functional. As far as convenience and concealment go, this belly holster is perfect for individuals that like to carry their weapons with them wherever they go. The product is quite comfortable to wear, blends in quite easily irrespective of whatever type of shirt or t-shirt you’re wearing and you will never have to worry about adjusting it no matter what you’re doing. You can even comfortably play sports while wearing the band underneath the sweatshirt. The belly holster only comes in black and you can order it in different sizes.
Outstanding Features

The affordability factor of the gun holster is also great, and with a low price, the features incorporated in the product are really cool. The practicality of the 2 mag belly gun holster trumps various other gun holsters because of the heavy elasticity of the gun holster. All in all, I would recommend this belly strap holster for individuals aiming for a low-budget alternative. It is a comfortable fit and requires zero maintenance.
The production has no cons, although it would be a good idea to wash the holster first in order to soften its edges.

The Bottom Line

There is no denying the fact that a belly holster can provide you with the sort of comfort and security you require to carry your gun anywhere you go. The sheer concealment benefits provided by these holsters is unmatched by any other form of gun holster ever made. On top of that, you will also be surprised to learn how incredibly cost-effective these holsters are.
Moreover, the holsters mentioned in this extensive review are the very best of the best. There is no denying that there are a limitless variety of holsters available in the market. However, when it comes to practicality, functionality, comfort, efficiency and effectiveness and price range, it is quite difficult to name a product that can beat these aforementioned best belly band holsters.
I’ve had the pleasure to try all of these belly band holsters and found each one to perform superbly. Of course, there are certain considerations to these belly holsters, but in the end what I focused on was a comfort, flexibility, and reliability and found that these holsters were tailor made for gun enthusiasts and for people who own more than one types of handguns. I myself have a couple of handguns that have small, medium and large frames and realized that with most of these holsters, you will never have to buy a couple of different ones to store your handguns.


It is quite difficult to pinpoint which is better than the rest and depends wholly on the type of handgun you own and the size you of the gun you want to conceal.


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